Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blue Boxing Day

Boo, I hate the end of Christmas. Our holiday was lovely, and I am glad for all the good things, but I still feel a little blue. I think I am especially miffed this year because the storm and the power outage ate a good week of the holiday season for most of us up here. Many people are able to continue in the holiday spirit until after New Year's, but I am not very thrilled by that holiday. So it's time to take down the tree and wind up the lights and pack away the stockings. Now comes the part of winter about which I am less happy. The long gray days stretch from now until the first little dribs of sun start to come out in March (if we're very lucky) or May (if we really aren't). Oh well, I suppose I was getting tired of the muzak versions of all the Christmas carols anyway. I think I'll just go plant some garlic since that's the only gardening fun a person can really have in the end of December.

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::Wendy:: said...

that is a really pretty picture. Traditionally in my familiy the celebrations are start on Christams day and last for the 12 days afterwards, the 12 days of Christmas. The decorations are taken down on the 12th day, or the 12th night (Shakespeares play :-)). This is the time after the birth when everyone just parties! Hooray!