Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Planning to Kick the Bucket

No, no M and I do not plan on dying any time soon.  However, now that we have Delphinium we thought it would be prudent to have a will and such to cover the possibilities.  Thus we met with a lawyer and filled out a questionnaire about our "wishes" (hmmm, not to die?).  It was very odd to be thinking about funeral arrangements and bequests and trust funds, but it was worth it to know that everything would be okay for the kid.

Recently we went back to the lawyers office to sign and finalize the whole thing.  The two parts that made me chuckle were the repeated use of the word "testatrix" to describe me (M got "testator" which is not nearly as cool) and the reading of the official script.  That's right, in order for the testatrix to finalize her will, she must read OUT LOUD a statement of intent about this being the actual will and testament blah, blah, blah.  It was really hard not to laugh at that point, but I managed to remain dignified. 

At the end, I did have a weird moment of feeling like I was looking into the future.  Here we were, two young (ish) adults with our baby daughter, tying up our plans in the form of this will.  At some point down the line (hopefully a long time away) a grown Delphinium will probably sit in some similar conference room and unwind the very same document.  Strange thought, but I guess that's the way it's supposed to go. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Usually around Thanksgiving time I make a list of on hundred things for which I am thankful.  This was always part of an assignment for my English students, but this year I do not have a class.  That is actually fine because this year I am not collecting the huge list.  It's not that I don't appreciate all those wonderful bits and pieces.  It's just that this year I am so especially thankful for Delphinium that she eclipes everything else. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Delphinium thinks the snow is all very well and good (we are on day three) but she does not much care for the dressing required to actually get outside.  The first layer of thermal onsie is fine, and she cheerfully pushes her fists through the little sleeves.  Mom does the snapping, and voila! the first layer is done!  Then comes the full body sleeper suit, and again the baby is pretty helpful about sleeves and feet and snaps and all.  However by the time we get to the pants and sweater, she is really not feeling so good about things. 

All that finally accomplished, you would think that any normal mom and dad would call it good, but not poor Delphinium's parents.  They make her put on a huge coat on top of it all, and by the time she's squeezing into the 8th sleeve, this baby has really had enough.  Luckily, that's about the time that we actually go outside, and the view of the world turned completely white is so arresting that our little girl forgets why she was annoyed. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

First Snow

Delphinium's very first sight of snow was eeeearly on Sunday morning.  She didn't seem to take much notice of the change outside the window, but when I wrapped her in a blanket and hat and took her outside, there was definitely recognition.  At first she just seemed sort of perplexed by all the excitement, but then she actually started looking at the little flakes falling on her sleeve.  I made a little ball of snow and touched it to her cheek.  That got a smile at last.  Then she just snuggled in close and watched the white come down.  It really wasn't that much of a snow, and what we did get was gone quite soon, but I have high hopes for more in the near future!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I know, I know this has become nothing but a baby log, but that's pretty much my whole life right now (M too of course!).  What else would I write? 

Can't remember if I've mentioned the teething.  For those who don't get to see little Delphinium on a regular basis, the teething fairy is definitely hovering around our house.  We don't have any actual teeth, mind you, just lots and lots and lots of drool with occasional lashings of itchiness and pain.  Our poor little girl goes through about half a dozen bibs a day sometimes, and often I am still not changing them fast enough.  She also rubs her ear (or occasionally scratches it) when the discomfort radiates throughout the jaw. 

Then of course there's the chewing.  She is quite determined to get her entire fist in her mouth, and when that isn't enough she tries anything and everything else she can grab.  Bumpy binkies are popular (thanks Auntie C. for the fabulous raspberries) as are burp clothes, all sorts of toys, boardbooks (they all have sodden edges), and even the kitty's tail if only it would sit still long enough.  Frozen rings and rags are not poplar because they make her hands cold, and then that makes her cry.  The sweetest is when she grabs mom's or dad's hand and pulls it to her mouth for some quality chewing.  Hands down (har!) Daddy's fingers taste the best.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby's First Gymboree or Proof We are Yuppies

Yes, yes, I finally caved.  My PEPS group has been attending Gymboree baby classes for some time now, but Delphinium and I were in South Africa when it all began.  Now that we're back, we were invited to go along.  I had some qualms since I've always seen Gymboree as a silly activity for people who didn't know how to play with their own children.  However, peer pressure is large, so I bundled the baby into the car on a rainy afternoon, and we headed off to the class.

My first impression was not so good.  The circle of babies included ones as young as three months and as old as seven.  How much can a little baby get from a singing and movement class?  Then the shockingly young teachers (they seemed about fourteen but probably weren't) got things going with a welcome song.  For the next few minutes I was in agony.  The songs were beyond twee, and chatter from the teachers was irritating, and they had stupid names for the toys.  I love playing with my baby, but this was ridiculous. 

Then I noticed something.  Delphinium was having a ball.  She loved looking in the mirror on the floor.  She giggled and cooed for the clapping games, and she thought the "sensory time" was fascinating.  Even the parachute, which made other babies cry, was amazing.  "Aha!" I said to myself "this is one of those times when I need to get over myself!" and then I did.   We had a lovely time together, and I only winced a little when they brought out the "Gymbo" puppets. 

Monday, November 08, 2010

Food! Glorious Food!

These days the laundry is always tinged with a sort of golden orange.  No, M has not joined a cult.  It's all the butternut squash that edges most of the baby clothes.  That's right, we have moved beyond the age of milk and we are no experimenting with actual food.  It started with rice cereal made with breast milk (to keep things a little familiar) and that was such a success that we went to squash in the second week. 

You should have seen Delphinium's face when she got her first bite.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone that excited over plain porridge.  She eats with both hands, and it is actually quite a challenge to get the spoon into her mouth before she can grab it away from you.  The first spoonful of butternut was a bit more of a shock (this is certainly NOT milk!) but it too became very popular in no time at all.  By the end of a meal she is liberally coated in orange goo, but she is happy.  Next week we may try peas.  I sincerely hope she and food have a long and happy life together. 

Friday, November 05, 2010

Did You Call?

Earlier this week I wouldn't know if you'd called because my cel phone was, well, unavailable. It wasn't missing, but I couldn't exactly answer it if it rang. It all started when I went to pick up the nieces from their respective schools. Both kids in tow, I asked Elder Niece (newly promoted to the front seat after turning twelve) to call my mom since I'm not the sort of person who calls and drives. When in the car, I often leave my phone in the niche next to the emergency brake, so it was easy for her to make the call and then put the phone back where she found it. We went off on our merry way, and I didn't think another thing about it.

Eventually, we got home, bundled out of the car like a heard of elephants, ate snack, began homework, and started to make some dinner. Since we were still waiting to hear from my mom, I thought I would check my phone for messages. Oh noes! I left it in the car! Running out to the garage, I found that the phone was not in the usual niche. Instead, it was about four inches to the right wedged in another little crevice, but this one was the rubber gasket for the emergency brake! Are you visualizing this? I could just see the top sticking out next to the lever. I tried to pull it out, but of course it slipped down inside the housing like a ship beneath the waves (sigh).

Ten thousand attempts to retrieve the phone were unsuccessful, so the next day Delphinium and I made a pilgrimage to our favorite mechanic. We got to spend some quality time in the beautiful autumn sunshine while they fished the phone out for us. No harm done! Of course I know Elder Niece did not intend to do this, she doesn't have a trouble-making bone in her body, but I may need to be more careful next time. Who knows, with Delphinium learning to crawl soon this may be only the beginning.

Monday, November 01, 2010

South African Blergh

Ah the joy of souvenirs from your vacation.  Cute little doodads, postcards, candy from foreign lands, and also bacteria and viruses.  It seems we brought a Norwalk-type thing home with us because I was driving the porcelain bus all day on Friday, and now M is feeling quite poorly.  Nausea has got to be the worst of the standard illnesses.  Let's just hope that our Little Miss remains immune.