Monday, April 05, 2010

Baby Class #6: In Which We Try Not to Laugh

This class tried to be really useful and practical by teaching us about caring for a newborn. This is a very good idea since M has never had any baby practice, and my information is nearly a decade old. We did some brief baby changing/dressing instructions (M did not squash the baby's head like some other dads) and then it was time to move on to our video of the day, Breastfeeding.

Once again, the video was made in probably the early '90's, so hair and fashions were pretty funny. However, what made it really hard not to laugh was the attitude the narrator took to the process. Her ridiculous level of enthusiasm was matched by the silly dialog about what a "mystical" experience breastfeeding would be. Don't get me wrong, I'm all excited about breastfeeding, and I really REALLY hope it works, but I think "mystical" may be overstating things just a tad. I had to avoid looking at M for fear of bursting out laughing.

The worst came when they described getting the baby to latch on to the breast. It seems we need to tickle her cheek, look for her to open her mouth, and then wham! push in as much breast as possible. "You'll know you done well if your baby has a real mouthful of breast!" This line was delivered with such delirious excitement that we finally lost it in the back of the room. People were turning around to look at us, and I had actual tears in my eyes from trying not to laugh too much. I think I will get a chuckle (and then a wince?) every time I try to get the baby to nurse in the first few days.

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