Friday, August 19, 2011

The Very First Funny

Last Sunday, Delphinium and I were hanging out together as we are wont to do in the early hours just after she wakes up.  She drinks milk. I drink tea and milk. She plays with her babies and stuffed toys. I "play" with the dishwasher and the broom.  She builds with blocks.  I build breakfast.  She reads picture books.  I read the internet or the paper.  It's a highly satisfactory arrangement.

Only sometimes, more and more in fact, she wants to do what I'm doing.  Not just something near me, but exactly what I am doing.  This morning it was reading the paper.  I tried to get her interested in other activities, but she would not be denied.  Then I remembered the comics.  Sure enough, I dug them out, and she was very happy to sit on my lap and admire the children and pets sprinkled among the pages. 

Then we came to "Red and Rover" where a dog was filling a swimming pool with beach balls.  Then she laughed.  Because that dog with the beach balls was just SO funny it made her laugh.  Which is a totally everyday event except that it was probably the first time she's ever laughed at a comic.  I hope that was the first out of maybe 10,000 or 20,000 times she will get to laugh at the comics. 

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Raymond said...

Soon she will find a funny comic and bring it to you to admire. And you'd *better* laugh!