Monday, October 29, 2012

Baby Update Week #3

Things have definitely begun to calm down a bit around here.  Sure, we are still dealing with the excitement of managing two kids at the same time, but at least the baby is getting the hang of it.  For a while there we were having lots of trouble with nursing, and I was getting up to pump every time M gave her a bottle.  We were all exhausted.  Now she's much better able to nurse, so at least it's just me getting up in the night.  Most nights she's up twice around 3am and 5am.  On a good night she nurses and goes back to sleep.  Last night she was awake from 5:30am to 7am with me trying and trying to sooth her back down.  Par for the course if I remember properly.  On the bright side, she has not really shown a tendency to absolute screaming.  She's really a sweet little bird, and that makes everything worthwhile.

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Carrie said...

Is she a month old tomorrow?