Monday, November 19, 2012


No, no not silence in my house (ha!) but on the blog.  We are so busy with two kids that I hardly know when to get the basics done.  Blogging is a luxury that usually falls by the wayside.  Today, for some unknown reason, they're both sleeping at the same time.  Who knows how long this may last, so this post might end in a word or two.  Nope still sleeping.  Ahhh where was I?  Busy is our middle name.  The good news is that both our kids are doing a great job of getting used to the new arrangements in their lives, but that doesn't change the fact that there is just a lot to get done from one end of the day to the other.

The big girl is now over 2.5 years while the little one is almost 2 months.  Major themes around our house are night waking (about x2 per night, but sometimes more) lots of diapers (as many as 12 or 14 between the two kids) and wall to wall toys.   The Bunny, as we call the big girl, is becoming more and more independent (which is mostly great) mostly because she gets tired of waiting for us to attend to her.  It can be painful at times to ignore one child while you focus on the other, but I'm convinced that it will be good for both of them in the long run.  The Little Bird, as we call her, is also learning all sorts of new things.  She lifts her head all the time, tried hard to see what everyone around her is doing, grabs for (and often catches) toys, and has even started to smile (ahhhh).  Best of all, the both seem to be healthy, happy (most of the time), and growing as they should.  One day I may even get to sleep (or blog) again.

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