Friday, January 18, 2013

The Forth Trimester Ends

There is nothing quite like watching your tiny noodle of a newborn (oh how I love that peanut shape they curl into at that stage) suddenly "wake up" as they turn that three month mark.  That whole argument about the forth trimester of development really rings true at point.  With our Little Bird we notice this most with her vision.  For her first several months she had that vague, unfocused look unless you were about six or eight inches from her face.  Now it seems obvious that she can really see for much greater distances.  We know this because she's started making eyes at us from much farther away.  For instance, when I put her on her play mat and stand above her, she tracks my face, and smiles when she sees me.  (The smiles and giggles just get better and better, and now she is making many more "comments" about life as well.)  She can also sit in her exersaucer on the floor and watch me cook dinner which is really a fabulous development in my book.

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