Saturday, February 11, 2006

I Think NOT!

It is time that I confessed the embarrassing truth: I am passionately fond of the band Queen. Well, to tell the truth, I was passionately fond of the music as a teenager, so much so, that I sort of exhausted it before I graduated from college. I listened to the band while doing my homework, driving in the car (I learned to drive to "I'm Going Slightly Mad") and just about everywhere else. I even read the official band biography, and learned the truth about Brian May's Red Special guitar (he and his dad made it out of an old mahogany mantle piece). Even now I still pop in the greatest hits CD sometimes when I need a pick-me-up. Therefore you might think that I would be all excited about the news that the band will be touring the United States in 2006, and they plan a show at our own Key Arena! The only small problem here, the only fly in the ointment if you will, is that FREDDY IS STILL DEAD! The remaining members of the band actually believe that they can simply swap in just any old singer and themselves Queen. As if ANYONE could replace the great toothy one. I have absolutely no problem with three former members of queen meeting up with a new guy and touring together, but they should not take the name of the original band in vain. The really sad part is that they will do it, and they will sell tickets too. People will actually go "oh well, I guess it'll be pretty much the same thing" or worse yet, THEY WON'T EVEN REALIZE THAT THEY'VE BEEN DUPED! To borrow from George Harrison--- There can be no Queen reunion as long as Freddy remains dead.

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Carolyn said...

Not *really* on topic, I know but it seems like a good place to share my favourite Queen haiku:
I want it all I
want it all I want it all
And I want it now.

Thought you'd appreciate it A.