Friday, May 26, 2006

To-Do List

M's mom, DW, is coming from South Africa to visit us this summer. She will be staying with us for most of the month of July, and we want to make sure that she gets to see some of the best bits of Seattle and Washington in general. Obviously one month is not enough time to see and do everything, but we want to do as much as possible without causing tourism burn-out. So far, we have created a working list of possibilities. Any comments/suggestions would be most welcome:

Things We Might Do With D (in no particular order)

2. Salumi (but only if Grandma is making Gnocchi)
3. San Juan Islands
4. Pike Place Market
5. Mount Rainier
6. Mount St. Helens
7. Olympic Peninsula
8. Vashon Island
9. Lavender Festival
10. Bellevue Botanical Garden
11. Sassy Teahouse
12. Tiger Mountain Bus Trail (and/or Lake Tradition)
13. Kubota Garden
14. Canoeing in the Arboretum
15. Vivace
16. University District
18. Washington State Historical Museum
19. Discovery Park
20. A Good Sushi Place
21. Farmers' Market
22. Cafe Flora (M suggested this one, so I cannot be accused of choosing things for myself!)
23. Teatro Zinzanni
24. Oregon Coast
25. Portland
26. Mariners Game
27. La Connor
28. Leavenworth
29. Ikea
30. Green Lake
31. The Zoo
32. Trek Wildlife Park
33. The Aquarium


Raymond said...

Alas, Sassy Tea is closed.

The Seattle Times had a series of articles on things to do in Seattle.

Joy to the World said...

Not Sassy! This is terrible!

::Wendy:: said...

Next week I'll blog on some of the highlights from my parents visit. meanwhile here's an unprioritised list:
Snoqualmie falls
The train museum in north Bend
The Washington Dinner train (great views & wine)
Concerts (St Michelle, marymoor park)
Grand Coulie Damm (has lazer show and very US-Centric history talk over - Dad listened to it then said 'sounded like fascism', given that he was in Germany in 1933 that was a powerful comment)
Roslyn (northern Exposure, Brick Inn etc)
Woodland park zoo
La Conner (my mum loved the shops)
Ride to Bainbridge island - they get to see seattle skyline from the water...
Walk along Alki beach and look around the light house - 'fish and chips' - my parents loved that they have a 'salmon' option in fish and chips.
Smith Tower
The Library (my parents spent nearly a day there.
Boeing Museum
Sea front downtown (on of those horsey ride things)
Fremont Market, Ballard Market
Dry Falls (though the cascades)
Freemont outdoor cinema
Port Townsend (Hood canal bridge)
AmTrack (to portland or canada) - the trains here are very 'different' and the train stations are beautiful. Its a very peaceful way to travel

I put together a 'menu' of 'trips' for my parents and let them build a visit plan during the day or so when they were recovering from jet lag when we did local sunchine things.
The Mariners game was a real highlight for them!

everymoment said...

Any idea why Sassy's closed?