Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Two Totally Unrelated Food Things

First things first. Last week M and I went to Andre's Eurasian Bistro for a quick bite before a show. We thought that a little over an hour should be plenty of time to get a nice dinner as long as we skipped the appetizers and desserts. We were especially confident since there were not very many people in the restaurant. The waiter cam e quickly to take our order (without writing it down), brought us our drinks (yummy ginger lemonade I must admit) and then, nothing. Thirty minutes later we still had only drinks. The waiter apologized, but the food still didn't come. Eventually we saw plates and! He served us two completely wrong dishes. Neither of us got anything close to what we ordered. We objected to the completely wrong food, the waiter said "oh, sorry about that. I'll check with the kitchen." At this point we were just about out of time, so we called the waiter back and asked him to just bring the bill. Just a few minutes went by and the bill actually came. However (there had to be a catch) while the drinks were comped, the food was still on the bill! M went over to talk to the waiter and pretty soon we just got to leave.

Andre's Eurasian Bistro = bad, bad, bad

The second food thing is not nearly so annoying. I often read the food blog Vegan Lunchbox. While I am not a vegan, I do respect the amount of effort and attention this woman gives to making lunch for her son. Some might say that she has a little too much time on her hands (and they might be right) but the other day she really got a little overboard. She used Seventh Day Adventist cooking techniques to create The Magical Loaf Studio. The purpose of the studio is a way to invent new (tasty?) varieties of vegetarian meatloaf. I cannot say that I have actually made any of the magical loaves, but I will get right on it just after I finish grinding my own flour and making my own fruit leather.

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