Thursday, February 05, 2009

Beethoven's 9th

I've been meaning to post this for a month now and just haven't had the chance. As part of our New Year celebration, we were lucky enough to hear Beethoven's 9th symphony. Musically educated friends tell me that some of the people playing instruments did only a fair to middling job of performing. However, the choral part more than made up for any other deficits. I've always enjoyed this piece on cd, but somehow the power of actually being there was something altogether new. The music really does swell up and wash over you just as music fans have always claimed. If you ever get the chance to here the 9th in person with a live chorus, be sure to take it. Also, big thanks to R who makes our little symphony club possible, and to M who is my musical sugar daddy. Hooray for men who like the symphony!

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Raymond said...

And total lame-o to any orchestra that tries to perform the 9th with a recorded chorus.

By the way, I recall that the original chorus for the 9th symphony was pretty small, around 24 voices. It's the modern "let's take it over the top!" interpretation that brings hundreds of singers on stage.