Wednesday, February 04, 2009


If you haven't yet seen the banned PETA superbowl ad, you are seriously missing out. Okay, to be fair, you're not actually missing out on that much. I feel certain that PETA made this ad with the express purpose of having it banned thereby guaranteeing increased traffic on their website. I guess that's not a terrible strategy. I have such mixed feelings about PETA though. In many ways, they have a message I really respect and support. However, some of their tactics give vegetarians/animal rights supporters a bad name. Oh yes, and if you're going to watch the video, be sure to check out Whoopi Goldberg's impression of it as well.

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Mathias said...

Although I clearly am at risk of having a strong bias, I like that ad. I find it tongue in cheek. It gets the viewer's attention and they'll remember the name PETA and this message in a positive way than a lot of the other PETA ads.