Tuesday, June 01, 2010

First Solo Outing

Given that M is heading back to work, Delphinium and I decided we needed to practice doing things on our own. Up until this point, we've been spoiled by Daddy doing the heavy lifting, Daddy providing the extra hands and extra eyes Daddy putting baby gear together and understanding how it works. Now it's up to Mommy. Gulp.

Thus, over the weekend, we went out all by ourselves. Mommy folded and loaded the stroller, Mommy hefted and buckled the carseat, Mommy packed and remembered the diaper bag, and Mommy even figured out the baby view mirror installation. Whew! Babies have SO much stuff!

Then, with baited breath, Mommy put the baby into her carseat. The baby smiled. Mommy locked the seat into its base (first try!), and the baby cooed. Mommy drove to the mall. The baby stayed awake (and cheerful!) the entire trip. We met Grandma for lunch (okay so it wasn't completely a solo trip) and the baby slept and slept. Looking at the baby in the mirror on the way home, it was as if she was saying "don't worry Mommy, we can do this."

Of course there will be other times when things don't go quite so well, but it was ever so nice of Delphinium to boost my confidence just this once. We've rounded another corner together, and we're off.


Carrie said...

Yay for outings! You've mastered it, and now you won't be stuck at home (unless it rains too hard, which tends to happen around here!)

Piya said...

woot! suggestion - keep some wipes, a couple diapers and a onesie in the car at all times so if you do forget the diaper bag you've got the essentials. Though do make sure to change the diapers and outfit as she grows...I think I still have a couple infant diapers in the minivan glove compartment.