Monday, June 28, 2010

Ten Weeks

The last couple of weeks have gone by in a flash. Once again it seems that Delphinium is getting more aware and awake all the time. She now wants to face out and see what is going on as much as possible. Her neck is getting stronger all the time, but she still needs some help to sit up safely. We've taken to carrying her sitting up with her back against our chests and our hands under her bottom. This is very popular especially when you offer commentary about the things she can see.

She also enjoys time in her swing and baby gym, and it's very cute to watch her bat at the toys above her head. She gets such a look of glee on her face when she manages to send the fabric lion swinging. She still hates her carseat and the whole process of buckling and unbuckling. Maybe going for walks will be more popular once we can ditch the carseat and use the stroller on its own. Last, but not least, she still LOVES to have her diaper changed. She can be in the middle of a big fuss, and all you have to do is put her on her changing table. She turns all smiles and coos when the diaper comes off. Then you have to watch out for the waterworks.

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Raymond said...

Do everything you can to remember this time. It only happens once, and the fog of new parenthood descends quickly upon your memory. Even now, looking back at the photos of Blueberry, I don't remember actually doing the things in the pictures...