Monday, June 28, 2010

Ten Weeks

The last couple of weeks have gone by in a flash. Once again it seems that Delphinium is getting more aware and awake all the time. She now wants to face out and see what is going on as much as possible. Her neck is getting stronger all the time, but she still needs some help to sit up safely. We've taken to carrying her sitting up with her back against our chests and our hands under her bottom. This is very popular especially when you offer commentary about the things she can see.

She also enjoys time in her swing and baby gym, and it's very cute to watch her bat at the toys above her head. She gets such a look of glee on her face when she manages to send the fabric lion swinging. She still hates her carseat and the whole process of buckling and unbuckling. Maybe going for walks will be more popular once we can ditch the carseat and use the stroller on its own. Last, but not least, she still LOVES to have her diaper changed. She can be in the middle of a big fuss, and all you have to do is put her on her changing table. She turns all smiles and coos when the diaper comes off. Then you have to watch out for the waterworks.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Wearable Baby

Delphinium and I spend a lot of time together. All of it in fact. There are times when carrying the baby gets to be, well, a bit of a burden. After all, there is no where a baby (this baby anyway) would rather be than in Mom or Dad or Grandma's arms. Sometimes those arms get tired, and then it's time to find an alternative. That's why I went wrap/sling/carrier shopping at our local baby consignment shop. They had many kinds, but the helpful lady recommended a wrap since mine is still a small, young baby. It turns out that she was right.

Delphinium is now a big fan of the wrap (which is really just a long piece of t-shirt fabric with a ring closure at one end). It keeps her snug and close to your body and must remind them of being in the womb. Also, the stretch of the fabric lets you bounce just a little extra. The best part is that you have one and a half hands free to do other things. No, no actually the best part is that the baby is happy and you are comfortable. What could be better than that?

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I hate, hate, hate when the baby gets a poke, but there was no question about her getting vaccinated. We really believe that it's in her best interest, and everyone else's as well. Still it wasn't much fun to take her in today. She was feeling a bit fussy before we arrived, but she perked up when Dad arrived to meet us for the appointment. She was weighed and measured and seen by the doctor, and she put up with all this in pretty good humor. Then came the bad moment. One nasty tasting dose in the mouth, and one stick in each thigh. She cried for a few minutes, and now she's sleeping it off in her cradle. Much better than polio or pertussis down the line.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eight Weeks of Baby

I keep wanting to do short little daily updates on all the cute little milestones Delphinium's been making, but it can be so difficult to get to the computer these days. Nevertheless, I have to try. It would be nice to be able to go back and remember these early days.

In the last couple weeks, she's been very busy getting stronger. You can really tell the difference when you hold her how strong her back muscles have become. She's no longer our limp little noodle, and she has become quite capable of huge stretches and back arches when she wakes from a nap. She's also working hard on holding her head up for longer and longer. She actually seems to enjoy tummy time most days, so I think she's getting her exercise.

It's all fantastic stuff to watch unfolding, but my favorite is the smiles. Sometime around six or seven weeks she suddenly started giving us "social" smiles. She's been smiling in her sleep for weeks now (about what does a baby dream?) but this is different. There is something decidedly warm and fuzzy about leaning in to pick up a baby from nap, have her focus on you, and then flash the sweetest smile. It makes the screaming times all worth while.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Daddy Goes Back to Work

It was bound to happen. A few days ago, M went back to work. Now Delphinium and I are trying to adjust ourselves to days on our own. Some days are perfectly easy, and we have a great time together. Others are harder, but so far, the baby has been the only one to cry. Even on the tough days, I wouldn't trade this for anything. There is a reason babies are so meltingly cute.

I am also so thankful that I do not have to go back to work now that the first six weeks are up. I absolutely cannot believe that is the standard amount of maternity leave available at many companies. Forcing women and babies to separate after such a short time cannot be good for either. Hooray for one year off!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

First Solo Outing

Given that M is heading back to work, Delphinium and I decided we needed to practice doing things on our own. Up until this point, we've been spoiled by Daddy doing the heavy lifting, Daddy providing the extra hands and extra eyes Daddy putting baby gear together and understanding how it works. Now it's up to Mommy. Gulp.

Thus, over the weekend, we went out all by ourselves. Mommy folded and loaded the stroller, Mommy hefted and buckled the carseat, Mommy packed and remembered the diaper bag, and Mommy even figured out the baby view mirror installation. Whew! Babies have SO much stuff!

Then, with baited breath, Mommy put the baby into her carseat. The baby smiled. Mommy locked the seat into its base (first try!), and the baby cooed. Mommy drove to the mall. The baby stayed awake (and cheerful!) the entire trip. We met Grandma for lunch (okay so it wasn't completely a solo trip) and the baby slept and slept. Looking at the baby in the mirror on the way home, it was as if she was saying "don't worry Mommy, we can do this."

Of course there will be other times when things don't go quite so well, but it was ever so nice of Delphinium to boost my confidence just this once. We've rounded another corner together, and we're off.