Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Delphinium is big on organizing her toys. She likes to put the animals with the animals, the balls with the balls, and so on. She also believes that all people and animals can be categorized as either a "mimi" or a "dada" or a "baby". The other day she was playing with her little plastic farm animals, and she pulled out a mother sheep and her baby. She tapped the larger sheep on the head and said "mimi" with great confidence. Next was the tiny lamb who got the unsurprising title of "baby."

Here's where the trouble started. You see we don't actually own a "daddy" sheep. She looked all through her pile of animals saying "dada?" and shrugging her shoulders. I was wondering if this would end in tears, but she is a very resourceful little person. She pulled a large horse out of the pile, set it to watch over the sheep, and announced "dada!" with great satisfaction. My daughter is a very open-minded sort of person.

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