Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Storm '12

Heavy snows (8-10 inches?) and ice came to our area in the last few days. Sure it was beautiful outside our windows what with all the glittering ice, but it wasn't much fun to live through. First we lost the ability to go for walks or play outside because tree branches (and sometiems whole trees) were cracking and falling all over the place. Then the power went. For an hour we had that odd glow from one phase power, and then it was gone completely.

Normally when the power goes out (as it does about once or twice a year here) M and I just build a fire, cuddle up and try to appreciate the novelty of life without electricity. We went five days after one storm, and while it wasn't exactly fun, we did very well. Now, however, we have a toddler. The tought of simultaneously keeping her warm and keeping her safe from our open fireplace was just too much for me. We fled to Grandma's house. Call me a coward, but I could start to feel my lower brain twitching at the thought of not having a heat source for my child.

Luckily the lights came back on after only one night, so we were home again fairly quickly. I am doing my best to appreciate every single time the furnace come on and every single load of laundry and dishes that are washed by a machine. We really are terribly spoiled in our first world life. It's a sobering reminder of how hard it must be for parents who are trying to raise their children without the benefit of "modern conveniences."

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