Friday, February 24, 2012

Garden Show '12

It's been several years since we attended our first Seattle Garden Show.  Every year since, I've thought how I really ought to get tickets since we had fun viewing the amazing gardens when we first visited.  However, that's yet another thing I mean to do and then just let slid.  This year though, there was a Caspar Babypants concert embedded in the main event.  What I won't do for myself I will do for my kid, and so that's how the family ended up at the convention center on a recent weekend. 

The display gardens were quite impressive as always.  Some you love, some you goggle at, and some you just scratch your head, but it is entertaining to wander through them with companions.  This year Elder Niece was along, so it was really fun to hear her take on the more outlandish entries (spinning metal sphincter anyone?).  We also browsed the aisles for all the gardening goods available.  There were some incredible plants for sale, and I wished that I had more of a green thumb to work with.

The standout of the show for us was the kids area.  Was it there before and I didn't notice?  Is it new?  I'm not sure, but it is a wonderful place for the 2-? set.  The main attraction, after Caspar (who is always fab), is the birdfood sandbox.  The baby actually got distracted from the music by the need to dig around in there.  Then there are the live chickens and bunnies which you can actually pet!  All sorts of fun ideas are threaded  through the area, and we could have stayed much longer if lunch and naptime hadn't been beckoning.  We will certainly be back next year Caspar or no Caspar. 

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