Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pre-School Preview and Surprises

M and I attended a pre-school preview recently (a place where various schools set up booths and try to woo you with their awesomeness), and we got to meet up with our friends R and J who also have a young child.  They were shopping around, gathering info, chatting with directors, and oh-by-the-way GOING INTO LABOR!  While they already have a little girl, they were also awaiting the imminent arrival of their second baby.  Every few minutes, J would stop talking TO HAVE A CONTRACTION, and then go back to calmly discussing whatever was at hand.  I was totally impressed.  When I was in labor I could barely remember to blink.  She is one tough chick if you'll pardon the expression.

It helps that the hospital was right up the street from the convention center, so it was no problem to head in (har!) once things got intense.  We parted company at about 6pm.  We went off to have sushi while they went off to have a baby.  By approximately 9:30 there was a picture of the loveliest little baby posted online. What a lovely way to begin.

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