Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Baby 2.0

Well folks it looks like we are having our second baby! You may have noticed a certain lack of blog attention lately, and you can chalk that up to my thoughts being more inwardly focused than usual. Well, that and the incredible urge to toss my cookies! Now that the green phase is over we're feeling comfortable enough to tell people our news. In a matter of months, our "baby" (as we still call her) will become the big sister to an actual newborn. We are all thrilled about the news, but I am trying to wrap my mind around the logistics of having TWO, count them, TWO children. All I learned about coping with the first one had to do with a minimum of 1:1 parent and child. Now that will turn on its head. Future blog posts will be about getting larger pants, trying not to freak out, and remembering to feed healthy things to the toddler while all I want to eat is Doritos.

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