Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two Years Old!

Whew!  The baby just turned two!  I am obligated to say "where did the time go?"  Besides it is true.  I really am amazed by how quickly that baby business is over.  I guess that's a good thing given how intense it can be, but I'm sure I'll still miss it from time to time.  At least her dad and I can pat ourselves on the back a bit and say "we did it!"

She's turning out to be a lovely little person, and I get such endless fascination from watching her unfold.  She's clever (such a little scientist), she's kind (out of the blue I got a kiss on my nose the other morning), she's funny (jokes are a new discovery), she's brave (loud noises and new situations don't phase her), and she loves with an open heart.  She lives for those days when Daddy stays home from work, we go to Grandma's house, or her cousins come for a visit. 

She loves to play outside, go for walks, do art projects, play with dolls, trains, animals, and anything that can be organized.  She makes tea for anyone and everyone, and if you are lucky you might get a side of imaginary blueberries.  She also loves to read stories, and you can find her sitting on the couch with a huge pile of books.  Sometimes she wants a grown up reader, while other times she prefers to peruse them herself.  Sometimes I even get "go away Mommy" if she's in a really singular frame of mind. 

Thanks to everyone who's helped us along the way!  All those friends who came to see us or asked us over for a playdate.  Everyone who's chatted us through a rough day, or met us for lunch when we were barely coherent.  Most especially to Grandma who has been there at every turn, so kind, so patient, and so willing to help.  We could not have done it without you.

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