Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding and Travel Madness

We are officially in wedding week!  My baby brother will be a married man in only a few short days, and we are all SO excited!  There is much too-ing and fro-ing as we try to make all our last minute adjustments.  Thus far, dresses are altered, jackets are purchased, hair is cut, feet are pedicured (is that a word?), and we've even collected a "treasure" box of goodies for the airplane rides.  Now all I have to do is pack for three people, schlep a million pounds of luggage through the airport, and entertain a toddler for seven hours of flying time.

On this trip we have a four hour flight followed by a two hour lay over followed by a three hour flight.  Of course there is no way to predict how she'll behave, but I'm crossing my fingers (oh please! oh please!) that she won't cause too much trouble.  It could happen right?  While this flight is much longer than our last one, we have a serious ace in the hole: Daddy.  We left Daddy at home last time, and went with just Grandma.  I'm really hoping that the combination of the three adults will help to keep her occupied.

By far the dodgiest part of our whole itinerary is the last flight home.  We are smack in the middle of a wide body plane (no windows or aisles) and we arrive at MIDNIGHT!  Now many children would fuss, but then fall asleep in such circumstances, but there is a very likely possibility that she will have none of that.  Wish us luck.   

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Carrie said...

Midnight arrival! yikes good luck. You are going to have such a fun time though!!