Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pregnancy Week 34

34 weeks and the doctor says all is well.  The baby is eight days larger than expected, so she's either going to be early or she's just big.  I'm crossing all of my fingers and all of my toes that I don't have one of those massive chunk babies you hear about from your friends.  She's still at the incredibly busy stage in my tum, so I know there's still enough room in there for her to swing the elbows and knees.

Unlike her sister, she doesn't seem to respond to music played nearby, but she does wake up and dance when Delphinium and I sing in the car.  She also does the wiggle whenever we have story time.  When I was in the later stages of pregnancy the first time, I had a great passion for cookies (not normally a big thing for me).  This time I want spicy food.  Who knows why or how these things work, but it is fun to notice the differences.

As for me, I'm tired and achy, but otherwise feeling pretty good.  I do get a fair number of braxton-hicks contractions in the evenings, but the doctor doesn't seem overly worried by them.  She says I'm just practicing for the big show.  I can hardly believe that "the show" could be here in as little as  four weeks!

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