Friday, February 01, 2013

Doctor Visit Four Months

In celebration of turning four months old, I took Little Bird in to see her pediatrician for a well-child visit.  The biggest news is that she's doubled her birth weight!  For someone who started out so slow (with the tongue-tie) that's pretty impressive.  I do have to say that she has some delightful rolls and dimples, and absolutely the cutest chubby knees I've ever seen (don't tell Delphinium I said that).  She's also grown four inches in four months.  No wonder she cries sometimes!

The doctor declared all to be well with our girl, and said that she is developing and progressing nicely.  She can hold up her chest and head when on her tummy, follow a toy held in front of her, and even reach for the toy (not always successfully) and put it in her mouth.  The days of not worry about what's in arms reach of the baby are certainly over.  Next month she even gets to start out on solid foods!

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