Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sick Day with Two

Well we are home today sick, so I actually have the chance to make a blog post!  An amazing rarity these days.  When either of us is sick, I allow Delphinium to watch television, and I don't even feel guilty (too much) about it.  It turns the day into a really calm experience.  Every few hours, when things are just starting to get whiny or sad, we have fifteen minutes of Kipper or Thomas, and everything is better again.  Another way we maintain sanity is by doing art projects.  Yesterday she painted half an egg carton with tempera paints, and then today we applied the eyes and face to make a caterpillar.  I remember making these so often with my brothers!  Let's just hope she's over things by Thursday, so she can go give her paper airplane valentines (how cool is that?  you can fold the card into an airplane!) to her classmates.

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