Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Have you seen Ergo baby carriers?  Every generation of kids seems to have different set of cool, must-have gear, and this era is no exception.  From Baby Legs to Pack'n'Play to Exersaucers and Bob strollers and even Nose Frieda, there are so many items, good and silly, to tempt parents.  The Ergo is one of those items that is really actually worth the hype.  The virtually all cloth baby carrier somehow manages to be hugely more comfortable for parental backs than anything else I've ever tried.  On a recent outing I forgot my Ergo, and had to use my old Bjorn for a 1.5 mile walk.  The difference in my neck and shoulders was instantly apparent.  I think the $80 price tag will be easily met (I like to pay $1 or less per use on baby gear) by the hundreds of uses we'll get our of ours.

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