Friday, March 01, 2013

House Hunting Again

Now that the baby is getting a little older, we've decided to get back into the house hunting game.  We still want a new house for the same reasons as last year, mainly space, but  now it's especially important.  We are feeling the realities of having another person (and all her stuff) in the same area.  We know we could make do with the house we have.  I know that I was raised in a much smaller house than the one we have now.  We know that this is a first world problem.  Nevertheless, if we can afford something that suits us better than our current place, shouldn't we go for it?

Since we're open to a wide range of locations and house types, it seems like we shouldn't have too much trouble finding something.  However, the same problems that plagued us last year are now even worse!  Namely, the low inventory available in our price range, and our allergy to anything needing serious work.  The agent says the number of homes on the market today is 30% less than it was at this time last year.  It is certainly turning out to be a sellers market.  Low, low interest rates are the only thing keeping this a worthwhile prospect.

Therefore, we head out again and again, to see houses that never seem quite right.  We find lots in great locations, but the actual home is awful.  We find lovely homes located on ultra-busy streets (or directly behind the fire station!).  Shared driveways, impossible garages, sharp hills, no sidewalks, and eyesore neighbors all plague us on the outside.  Dark rooms, musty basements, ancient bathrooms, and cracker box kitchens seem to await us on the inside.  One day we hope to find one place, just one place, that doesn't have anything major wrong with it.  But I'm not bitter. Much.

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Anonymous said...


Remember that it took us multiple years to find the one house we made an offer on and that we did so in early winter, way off the seasonal summer market highs.

Don't despair.