Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

2005 was a wonderful, eventful year. There were many very good things like rewarding work, lots of travel (Hawaii, Washington D.C., South Africa), buying a new house (wow!), and selling the condo (whew!). We had great fun with our friends and local family. We were happy for the time we got to spend with our out-of-town (or country!) family, but we always wish for more time and opportunities. Once again I am overwhelmed by how lucky we really are.

As to the new year, I hope we can continue with all the good stuff, but I would still like to work on improving in one or two areas. Thus, my New Year's resolutions are as follows:

1. Be less judgmental (what me?! why would anyone say that?! they must be stupid!)
2. Listen very carefully to others (no glazing over!)
3. Worry and complain less (lying awake at night will not produce an exit strategy)
4. Be more organized; keep the details straight (become one with the personal planner)
5. Plan more engaging, interactive lessons (more doing, less outlining)
6. Read more to prepare for new social studies content
7. Finish icky old Professional Certification
8. Get more exercise (I will not be flabby! I will not be flabby!)
9. Keep away from naughty foods
10.Do projects to spruce up new house (Just pick a room and get started)
11. Plant a garden, and keep it up (this one should be fun)
12. Truly stop to appreciate ALL the good things

Happy New Year everyone!

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