Thursday, January 12, 2006

Yard Work

We finally did it. Last weekend, Mark and I broke down and did yard work. Granted, there is not that much to be done at this time of year, but we still needed to get out there. This was my first real experience with raking leaves. Now this may sound funny to some, I mean come on what could be a more perfect example of a suburban American chore. However, you must remember that I am not from Suburban America. In the country no sane person rakes their leaves. If you tried, you would end up with raw palms after only the firsts acre or two. Thus I found myself standing in the yard wondering how you are supposed to get the leaves into the yard waste bin. Raking them into a pile was easy, but this next bit escapes me. Are you just supposed to pick up armfuls and not worry about getting covered in dirt and worms? Is there some tool I am missing? TV and movies are full of leaf raking moments, but it's sort of like fictional dinner parties, you only see the picturesque beginning. I am at a loss. Mark, resourceful person that he is, eventually invented a dual shovel and rake combination that seemed to work pretty well, but I still feel there is a better answer out there somewhere.

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