Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pity Party

Five whole months I made it without giving in. However, I am now the victim of a cold, and not just a small, sniffly cold either. Usually colds start in my throat and move up to my head or down to my chest. This one is an equal opportunity congestor. Tea and cough drops don't even seem to touch it, and I have the strangest dreams all night long. The "best" part is that I am losing my voice. I sound like I am channeling either Barry White or one of the muppets. Also Mark is still on his business trip, so, all taken together; I'm inclined to be a little mopey. I know, I know, I should be tough and independent, but I still miss him.

Still, I can't manage TOO much self pity because yesterday we got sun. Not just watery winter sun, but real, warm sunshine. It didn't last long, but it did happen to pour into my classroom during the last two periods of the day. It made us all very happy. You just can't feel grim when you get sun in January. Also, we have bulbs coming up in our front yard. I thought we would never be able to grow any because of all the squirrels, but here they are coming up all on their own. They're only little green thumbs right now, but they are coming on fast. Any flowers would be nice, but I'm crossing my fingers for daffodils or tulips.

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everymoment said...

There's something so rotten about a cold - they seem to be labelled 'just a cold', but are often when one feels the lousiest! Hope you're feeling better by now!