Monday, July 03, 2006

Fair Prep

In three days we are heading down to the Oregon Country Fair. This will be my 26th fair since I was born, and my family has been attending for more than 30 years. Yes, it is a hippy fair. Yes, there are people there who don't wear too many clothes. Yes, there are people who drink or smoke things while there. Yes, many people there are overly fond of patchouli. However, I have never done any of these things at the fair, and yet I still manage to have a great time.

First, you get to spend some time with at least some of the family. I hardly ever get to see both my brothers at the same time let alone for several days on end (they are nice even if they do tease me ALL the time).

Second, it's a little world all to its own, and so you don't really have time to think about all the other stuff like your job, world affairs, or traffic on 520. You hardly even remember that 520 exists.

Third, its great fun to stroll around with M and other people and look at all the crafts, shows, and strange people.

Forth, it is actually kind of entertaining to run a tiny business for a few days. We always spend some time conferring about what will sell, and which colors to buy, and how many people might want.

Fifth, the FOOOOD! This place is by no means gourmet. Instead, it's more like a wide variety of street food. For any meal you can choose between falafel, phad thai, gumbo, or greek salad just to name a few. Sometimes I find myself jonesing for a Tia Supreme burrito in the middle of winter.

Sixth, it's tradition! I love the way this event doesn't change much in character from year to year. It really is like a little world, and you can imagine that you were never really away from one year to the next.

Viva la peach!

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