Saturday, June 13, 2009

Down with Modern Symphonic Music!

The Ades piece we heard last night reaffirmed my belief that, unlike cheese, the younger a classical piece is the MORE it is likely to stink. Yes, yes, I know this may make me sound like a philistine, but that's just been my experience over the years. I understand that composers need the chance to continue musical innovation, and it would be a tragedy to music if new work stopped and we just listened to Beethoven for the rest of eternity. I also know that Beethoven and others were considered avant-garde in their times as well.

All of that does not change the fact that the bulk of this modern music is just not fun for listening. "Ha!" you might say "but you already admitted to being a musical dumbo! All the cool people enjoy this stuff! Why should idiots like you dictate what gets played?!" Weeeelll that may be true, but the announcements the conductor made before the Ades music began made it clear that he expected a lot of the audience to dislike what they heard. Go ahead modern fans, comment away. I am not alone.

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Raymond said...

As I recall there was a contemporary piece a few years ago that you didn't hate.

Older music has the benefit of having all the crap filtered out before it reaches you. Welcome to the filter. (As an example of unfiltered older music, I offer the Conus from last week.)