Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hot! Hot! Hot!

I am thrilled! THRILLED! by the wonderful warm spring we've been having. The last few weeks have been largely sunny skies and nice temperatures, and most of the time that is a very good thing. Maybe I will actually manage to grow some tomatoes to ripeness this year. However, in regards to school, warm sunny days can be a drag.

Today, when I arrived in my classroom, it was already 74 degrees. Now that really isn't such a bad indoor temp, but when you consider that no computers were on, the sun wasn't fully risen, and there were no hot humans in the room, it really becomes quite an impressive number. By 9am this morning, it was 82. With the largest class yet to come, we are up to 84 degrees and counting. The only upside to the increased temps is that their naughty behavior actually peaks and begins to come down the closer you get to 90 degrees. Of course, teaching a class full of limp noodles isn't exactly a picnic, but it may be preferable to having them bouncing off the walls. Think cool thoughts for me.

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