Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rules for Summer Living

Not long ago, we had a family dinner at our house. We ate a dinner of salads and deviled eggs, went very slowly for a walk, and even played in the sprinkler for a few minutes. It was a very enjoyable way to combat the heat. While there, Younger Niece (who often amuses herself with writing activities during boring times) gave me a list she'd been working on in the car on the way over. Here it is:

Summer Rules for Auntie J. (not my real initial)
1. Read two hours daily
2. Write a novel
3. Work on novel at least once daily
4. Make a garden grow
5. Learn to fly a rocketship
6. Play Fable 2 (video game) at least ten times a day
7. Make your Sim (another video game) character go to work in a jet
8. Make fifty gallons of blueberry jam
9. Do coffee experiaments on cats
10. Make fifty gallons of coffee and make Uncle M. drink it all in one day
I do have a list of things I need to get done before my summer break is over, but it reads something like this:
1. Dentist
2. Doctor
3. Haircut
4. Hem pants
5. Clean car
Who wouldn't prefer Younger Niece's list of goals and aspirations to my own? I'll have to call about those rocketship flying lessons ASAP.

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