Monday, July 06, 2009

You Know It's Summer When...

1. you no longer need the dryer in order to finish the laundry (I love that sundried smell)

2. you can go for a walk AFTER dinner, and it's still sunny and beautiful outside

3. the mosquitoes come out (I just got bitten ON MY BOSSOM! How rude is that?)

4. concert season begins at all the outdoor venues (yay for picnics on the grass!)

5. you actually see the garbage get collected

6. you encounter that strange beast known as daytime television (scary!)

7. flower and veggie gardens go crazy!

8. you can stay up until the terribly exciting hour of midnight!

9. you can go to the movies midweek (see #8)

10. you get to sit in the backyard, iced tea in hand, and read your novel to your hearts content

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