Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camano Island Camping

Over the last weekend, we did our annual camping trip to celebrate the birthday of Elder Niece. This time we visited Camano Island State Park, and found it to be a highly enjoyable destination for car campers. Our sight was on the upper loop, and it was roughly 200 ft from the edge of the bluff. The only thing between us and a view of the water was a stand of tall trees and a cliffside trail.

One night we watched the moon rise above the trees. There was singing around the campfire, and writing activities such as circular poetry and madlibs also filled the gaps. One day we walked along the shore and turned over the rocks to look at all the little crabs underneath. The nieces know how to catch these little creatures without getting pinched, and they carried several around in empty clam shells. There was also a "serious" game of wiffleball in one of the clearings, and I learned that I am still not good at playing sports.

Not only do they have camping at Camano, but also cabins. It turns out that the park has a little village with units that can be rented out year-round for quite reasonable rates. Reservations can be made up to 18 months in advance, so I am already thinking about a return trip. I would certainly recommend the place for a weekend away.

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