Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Hate Barbie Dolls

In breaking news (okay maybe not this very instant) it seems that the Mattel company, in its endless quest to make questionable choices, has found a fabulous new update for the Barbie doll line. Say "hello" to the Totally Stylin' Tattoo Barbie! She's now available from fine retailers. Your young child can choose from the many adorable tattoos to decorate her doll according to her taste.

For example, your little darling might choose the pink butterfly for her arm, or perhaps the name of Barbie's boyfriend as a "tramp stamp" on her lower back. Some might argue that these are supposed to be temporary tattoos, but that is not clear from the name or the packaging. I know, I know I sound like an old lady to be complaining about this, but I can't help myself. Yes, I suppose people should have the right to choose if they will have a tattoo or not, but I don't think they need to start contemplating that personal dilemma when they are four years old.

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