Saturday, August 15, 2009

Speaking Your Piece

For what it's worth, below is a copy of the email I sent to one of my state senators. I don't have any illusions about it actually being read by the senator, but I'm hoping that some lacky will put a check mark in the "pro universal healthcare" collumn as he or she sifts through the day's emails.

Dear Senator Murray,

I will keep this simple. Seeing all the yelling and screaming and carrying on in the news about healthcare reform, I feel the need to try and balance out at least one of those loonies. It is essential that we create a system of universal health care in the United States. I believe this is one of the single most significant issues of our times, and it is so important that this issue not fall by the proverbial wayside.

My husband and I have excellent health coverage due to our employment in public education and a major corporation. However, not all members of my family are so lucky, and it makes me ill to think that a person can work as hard as humanly possible throughout their lifetime, and still end up being financially ruined by a health crisis that occurs before they reach medicare age.

I am strongly in favor of a federal healthcare system, and I vote in every single election. Fight, Senator Murray; fight hard.


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Raymond said...

You forgot a comma after "Fight" in "Fight Senator Murray". That kind of changes the meaning completely.