Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Seen at a Stoplight #1

Recently I was waiting at a stoplight (near the campus for a certain corporation we all know and love) when I happened to see a man come running around the corner. He was dressed in the modern runners' outfit of expensive athletic shoes, spandex, and more spandex. He also looked like one of those people who lament out loud at dinner parties that they may never reach 4% body fat. But what was most striking about him was the way he was running. He was barely moving at all. I could probably have walked faster than his pace. It was a very strange scene since he looked like the sort of person who would do so much more.

Then, from around the corner, came another man. This one was not dressed in the latest running fashions. He had on jean shorts and a huge, flopping white t-shirt. He was also quite a large man with far more than 4% body fat. This man was running for all he was worth. All of a sudden, the whole thing made sense. Serious runner guy said to his friend "I can help you get into running. I'll even run with you to get you started. Maybe we could run together at lunch time?" and the friend agreed. Or so I imagine. I hope they keep it up. I also hope newbie runner guy gets a smaller t-shirt.

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