Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To-Do Over Obama

I just had to share my shock and amazement that the to-do over the Obama speech to kids actually infected my school. It seems that the talking heads on TV succeeded in stirring up trouble, and there were enough parent phone calls to create administrative concern. Each teacher had to register if they intended to show the speech, and parents got an email message letting them know that they could have their child excused. Then, each teacher got a list of kids who were to be sent out while the speech was on. All that organizing and agonizing, and what do you think happened on speech day? Three kids went to the library instead of watching. Three.

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Raymond said...

How dare the President tell my child to study hard and stay in school in order to succeed! To protest this, I'm going to pull my kids out of school. That'll show him. (Who are these people?)