Monday, September 14, 2009

Seen at a Stoplight #2

While waiting for another light on another day, I had my chance to observe fascinating stoplight moment number two.

The first thing that drew my attention to the SUV was the accordion quality to the whole front end. It was clear that this driver had experienced a rear-ending in a big way, and the car was still unrepaired. A moment later, I had cause to look up at the same car because the cars behind it started honking.

It soon became clear that the SUV driver had failed to see the light turn green, and he was just sitting there doing not much. Finally, as the honking got worse, the SUV began to move slowly forward. At this point I could see that the driver was not looking at the road at all, but had his eyes glued to the small device resting on the lower portion of his steering wheel. Sheesh! Move over drunk drivers, texters are here to challenge you for the title of most scary people on the road.

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