Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mommy Movies

One of the challenges of having a baby is that there are things you used to enjoy in your old life that you can no longer do. Babysitters are all well and good, but they require preparation, money, and the willingness to leave your baby. Therefore, I love, love, love the Mommy Movies at Lincoln Square Cinemas.

Mommy movies are every Thursday at 10am in Bellevue. They usually show three current-run movies that appeal to mommy-aged people not little kids. The lights are left up and the sound is turned down so that babies are not disturbed and their parents can still see to tend them. Added to that the free snack delivery from the concession stand, and you have a wonderful morning out for moms and dads. Of course babies do occasionally cry during these movies, and parents can be seen pacing the aisles from time to time. However, when you have one of your own it really doesn't bother you at all. Hooray for outings with baby! Hooray for maternal sanity! Hooray for Lincoln Square Cinemas!

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Carrie said...

Let's hope her willingness to cheerfully attend Mommy Movies extends through the long dark cold winter ahead!!!