Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Oregon Pledge Song

While I was a student at the University of Oregon, I used to love to attend convocation which is the opening ceremony for each academic year. Going back to medieval times, the tradition of convocation is by no means a requirement at the university, and many students never even attend. I, on the other hand, love that kid of ceremony with the professors in their robes and the president with the ornaments of his office. Speakers are also an important part of the event, and my favorite ever was the venerable NPR correspondent, Daniel Schorr. Call me a geek, nerd, or keener, they all fit quite well. Last, but not least, was the singing. There was always a program that allowed a person to follow along. The Oregon Pledge Song was a perennial fixture:

Old Oregon we pledge to thee our honor and fidelity
Both now and in the years to be a never-failing loyalty.

Fair Oregon thy name shall be written high in liberty
Now uncovered swears thy every son our pledge to Oregon.

(John Stark Evans 1919)

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IBRAHIM said...

That was terrific to look at.