Friday, November 04, 2011

Halloween 2011

Holidays have taken on a whole new cast since we had the baby.  It's just such a thrill to watch her experience things with fresh eyes.  Okay so she didn't love everything.  The costume was pretty much a bust since she would only wear the whole thing for about five minutes.  The base layer was a white onesie and purple dotted leggings, and that was all fine with her because it was normal clothing.  However, the green tulle tiara, green, purple, and blue tutu, and purple sparkly wings were just not something she wanted to endure.  For those five minutes though, she was adorable (thanks Grandma!).

We met up with our younger cousin (the elder is too grown up for this sort of thing) and her friend in the afternoon, and then we trick or treated at Daddy's work.  Who can resist warm, dry, indoor candy fest where each bowl of booty is mere feet from the next?  The magnitude of the haul was quite shocking, but that doesn't matter since the baby doesn't realize that any of it is actually edible.  Maybe it's wrong of me, but I've been keeping her in the dark on that score.  Nonetheless, she thoroughly enjoyed the "game" of gathering candy, saying thank you (she can't manage "trick or treat" quite yet) and dropping the goodies in her bucket.

Next we headed home, enjoyed Dad's homemade pumpkin soup, and went "real" trick or treating in the neighborhood.  There were lots of kids out in our area, and it really gave the whole experience a carnival kind of feel.  Many houses decorate in our area, so we kept coming across new and unusual scenes.  After about the first five minutes, our girl refused to be carried.  So what if it was late!  So what if she'd already walked all over the office building!  If the other people could walk than so could she!  I will never forget her tiny form, hand in hand with Daddy, swathed in purple fleece coat and purple sparkle wings (the only part of the costume she would still wear at that point) marching along the dark sidewalks.

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