Monday, December 05, 2011

Facing Reality

For the last two and a half weeks we've been on one long bender.  No, no there hasn't actually been any drinking involved (well not much anyway), but we have been ignoring our normal obligations and just having fun.  Daddy has been on vacation that whole time, and we have slept late, enjoyed leisurely meals, sometimes not showered before noon, and generally run amok.  The baby is completely mad for having both parents home all the time, and we've taken her to all sorts of kid entertainments.  I think her favorite part has been all the undivided attention and playtime with Daddy.  They play trains, read stories, and color at her little table for hours on end.  It's been nothing short of glorious.

Unfortunately, the piper is about to come calling.  On Monday, in the wee sma's, M is heading back to work.  I have not told the girl yet, but I have the feeling it is not going to go over very well.  We will have to think of some special activities to keep ourselves busy on that day, so we don't spend too much time with the missing.

Monday also means the start of our experiment with having Daddy work much further from home.  His commute will go from about 15-20 minutes to 60-90 minutes at some times of day.  Will he be able to use the bus (much cheaper and he can work on the way) or is a car the only viable option (possibly much faster)?  We won't really know until he's tried out a few different combinations.  Most importantly, will we ever see him again?  Given the extra time on the road, he may not be around much during the baby's waking hours.  Fingers crossed that it all sorts itself out in a favorable way.

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