Friday, December 30, 2011

World Events 2011

Here are the news stories I managed to actually read (or hear on the radio) in between all the kid stuff.  It was not a very happy year over all, but at least we're mostly still standing.  Hopefully the next year will be a bit on the brighter side.  Top Ten News Events of the Year (in no particular order) 

10. Gold Boom
9.  Death of Kim Jong Il
8.  Famine in East Africa and North Korea
7.  Osama Bin Laden Killed
6.  European Economic Crisis
5.  Arab Spring
4.  Occupy Wallstreet
3.  American Economic Crisis
2.  Nuclear damage in Japan
1.  Earthquake in Japan

I must confess that world news was not on my mind as much as it probably should have been in the last year.  Having a baby around has a way of zooming your attention down in the extreme. On a more personal level were the Top Ten Events That Happened Around Our House (also in no particular order):

1. Crawling fast
2. Many, many teeth (ouch!)
3. Walking!
4. Enjoyed a fantastic summer
5. Visited LA and Disneyland
6. Went camping
7. Visited PA and NYC
8. Talking!
9. Sleeping Through the Night (thank goodness!)
10. Christmas!

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