Wednesday, July 11, 2012

House Hunting: Failed Bid #2

Gah!  I'm getting royally tired of all this!  Short version?  House #56 was not a perfect house, but it was pretty good, so M and I decided to actually make an offer.  This is only our second offer, so we do not take this stuff lightly.  We thought very carefully about how much were willing to pay because by now we understand how this property market works.  We crafted a strong offer with our realtor, and we really thought we might have a chance.  This time there were only four competing offers (much better than 19!) and our escalator did, in fact, come out with the top price. So we got it right?  NO! NO! NO!  They chose the lesser offer where the people waived the financing contingency.  We would never to something so risky, and now we are virtually out of time.

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