Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

You know it turns out that even if you don't work, vacation is still the absolute best time.  We spent five days with family going to the Oregon Country Fair, and it was a total treat from start to finish.  This year, due to my ever increasing girth, we stayed in a hotel instead of camping each  night, so we did have to make the trek in and out each day, but it was worth it.  We got to have lovely relaxed times with the family, enjoy all kinds of delicious food, watch shows, and wander through the amusing insanity that is the fair.  The most best, best, best part was watching our little girl do all those things.

I've been attending this event for more than thirty years, and I still do love it, but it was such a refreshing thing to watch her.  She never really seemed to need toys to amuse her because there was always someone swinging her up in the air, bouncing her on their knee, or waiting to chat with her about the day's events.  Uncles, cousins, grandparents, and even a brand new auntie were there, and every single one of them made real time to play with her.  Our child, like most other children, does not understand why humans ever abandoned tribal living.  

To cap off the whole experience, we spent our final day on the Oregon coast.  After the bustle, heat, and dust of the fair, it felt so good to enjoy sea breezes and fog.  Yachats and Waldport were the destinations this time, and they did not disappoint.  In spite of our very short timeline, we still managed to relax, enjoy breakfast, and visit the tide pools and the beach.  Then it was time to turn for home.  You know how sometimes it is a great relief to get back to your comfortable and familiar life after a trip?  Not this time.  We would all have been completely happy to stay gone for a while, so I guess that means we enjoyed our vacation.  

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