Friday, September 07, 2012

Toddler Quotes

1)  Me: Those are humming birds.  They make a sound like this zzzzzz (imagine a very bad impression of a humming bird).
Her:  Really?  They sound like bee?

2. Mommy!  This part of table little bit grubby.  Need wash.

3. Mommy, why we need car seat?  Why you wear seat belt?  Why I no sit in front?  Why we go in car?  Why I asking why?

4. (She likes to go through the litany of who eats what in our family) Her: Who eat fish? 
Me: Daddy and P. and Bobby
Her: Who eat coffee?  
Me: Namma, Bobby, Daddy, and Bel.
Her: Who eat vegetables?
Me: Everybody!
Her: I want to eat a monkey!

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