Monday, September 24, 2012

Vaccines Please

Hey There.  Did you get your shots yet?  You know the annual flu one (I haven't yet) and the Pertussis one that we all need boosted every five years (I did this one)?  While the flu has been causing concern for a few years now, they are now both considered unusually dangerous.  Pertussis is sweeping Washington state in part because there are so may parents here who refuse to vaccinate their children.  My tiny new baby is going to need all the help she can get to avoid getting infected in those months before she's old enough to have the shot herself.  Please, please do not be the moron who puts everyone else at risk!

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Carrie said...

Great post! N and I did get our pertussis boosters, whew. Flu shots are next as soon as she is healed up from her cold!

It's so weird that Seattle has such a high population of readers and then, seemingly impossibly, a bunch of people extremely uneducated about the need for vaccines!